London Mechanic Creampies His Blonde Maltese Stepsister On A Regular

One of my most regular clients owns a fleet of some of the most expensive European and Japanese cars of all times. He got married twice. One of his 2 wives was an exceptionally curvy Half-Bengali Half-Newari woman with an above average looking face and the second one was a Blonde Maltese woman with blue big eyes and short hair. Both his wives divorced him within lesser than a year. I suspect my client is impotent, otherwise I don’t see why would these 2 women, who looked older than himself and looked like they came from a modest background, would divorce him. He regularly checks out this one app for sugar babies. My client is handsome, young, filthy rich, too polite and an emotionally intelligent man. I feel for him. Both his wives looked like exceptional sex freaks. I hope someone shows them both a way to the ruthless and sexually unsatisfied Zionist men who would do anything to rule all of this planet, so that they don’t ever come out of their bedroom other than when they have to receive their shipment of sexual or contraceptive pills or condoms, so that the world could become a peaceful place.

Christer Aldridge

Christer Aldridge is a Mechanic from London, England, who writes he is too happy with the use of increasing slangs in the video games. He hopes it only gets better with time.

Christer claims he can tell a woman’s clit size by looking at her nose.

Christer writes, seeing how much an average modern woman lie, he wants to go back to the medieval/ancient times so bad, provided he has all the technology and equipment to watch virtual reality porn even while living during those times.

Christer has been studying the tribal cultures and regions of India a lot lately. He is shocked to learn that the Konkan and Gurjar tribes of India, before they arrived in India in 1050 AD, they used to mostly have nothing but incestual marriages and sex before marriage mostly used to be somewhat like brother creampies sister, which is not allowed and persecuted too heavily in the Northern India, but not so much in South India. He wants to learn the regional Indian languages in order to understand the Indian tribes and their cultures better.

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