Male School Teacher Jerks Off To His Student’s Parents’ Live Sex Shows On

Eric Sosa from Stockton, California, is a Sex Blogger and Infopreneur, who writes nothing gets him harder than when his wife spits in his mouth and then immediately kisses him on his lips. They performed live a couple of times on and the reviews they received years ago still remain some of the longest and the best review of all times.

Eric regularly writes against the pedophiles and their supporters. He recently wrote an article mentioning:

Sex with children has detrimental psychological effects, noticeable or not. Their brains are not physically mature enough to comprehend what is going on. The worst argument here is trying to explain how it was normal back then. Just because it was normal doesn’t mean we don’t recognize it as bad anymore, simply because the effects can be objectively proven now. We wouldn’t normally blame our ancestors for acting in ignorance, but Muhammad was not exactly a regular person. Surely, Allah would have repented it.

Proposing physical maturity as a sign on sexual readiness is extremely ignorant. I also hope you are aware that well-versed, wise and intelligent children still aren’t ready for sex. Their brains simply haven’t mentioned at that point.

I am not going to discuss semantics, but someone aged 9 has not undergone physical brain maturity yet. It is impossible.

Eric shows pity on the fact that people overemphasize on science a lot nowadays. He writes science doesn’t make right or wrong judgements, because it is subjective to each individual.

You are in the wrong frame of mind. Fuck what women want. Stop trying to make excuses for something you can’t control.

Shave your head, and own being bald. Fuck hair. Most women won’t give a fuck if you are jacked and confident. It is not your fucking hair that’s driving them away, it is your lack of confidence. Plus, if they aren’t attracted to a guy with no hair, who cares? It is not like there is not another 3.5 Billion other women out there to hit on.

Eric Sosa

Eric writes those who can believe Islam is the only true religion can also believe that the stones can talk and trees can cry.

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