Gay Men Love Their Partners in Black and White Clothes as much as their Straight Counterparts do

Gabriel Aaronson from Chicago, Illinois, is a gay sex blogger and music producers, who had his first sex at the age of 19 and it was with a woman. It was only after discovering Best Gay Sites – that he started having gay sex.

Gabriel claims reading steamy sex stories increases testosterone levels better than watching porn does.

Gabriel agrees with the Indian Philosopher – UG Krishnamurti when he says the human body is only interested in two things – Survival and Fucking.

Gabriel has been working on creating a machine that would let the women become fathers and men become mothers. He claims this invention is going to be the most revolutionary ever and he seems to sure about his success here.

Gabriel writes the biggest proof that all religions are not god-made is that none approves homosexuality while homosexuals and homosexuality is a god’s creation. He questions “How can they be so hostile to something that the God created himself?”

Gabriel writes when people see a male fashion designer, they automatically think of a homosexual man but when they see a male architect, nobody bothers about it. Although every sexually active homosexual or bisexual man over 35 of age from the western world will tell you that architects have a larger ratio of homosexuality compared to fashion designers, but this fact is almost completely unknown among the straight men and women globally.

Gabriel only feels confident around other gay or bisexual men when he is dressed in black or/and white clothes. He claims it is a false notion that homosexual men only like bright pastel colors. He claims they like black and white almost as much as their heterosexual counterparts.

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